Our Process

Our procedure is divided into 5 parts. This is how we'll carry out the project, from initial contact through publishing your website to the public.

Initial phone consultation
At the start of the project, we'll work with you to get a complete picture of what your website aims to achieve. We'll then collaborate on setting reasonable and attainable goals for the website that align with your vision.
Site-Map & Proposal
Following our initial consultation, we'll send you a comprehensive project proposal with a detailed site map. The proposal will also outline tasks and timeline for the project plus pricing and payment.
We'll create several mock-ups using your visual content supplied to us, images, text, photos, videos, etc. (Dummy text and or stock images my be used to show placement if all content is not received at this point.)
Once all approvals have been met, we'll begin constructing the website based on the mock-up. Additionally, search engine optimization (SEO) will be included to potentially elevate your website ranking on search engines.
Test/Review, and Deploy
Once we have completed all of our tests to ensure the functionality of your site is performing optimally, it's time for you to review the results. If no changes need to be made, make the final sign-off and we’ll make your site live.

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