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Why do our AME churches need web sites?

This media-driven world may be a bewildering place, and a church website may seem complicated and expensive. But still, every church needs a website to connect and serve its community. A well developed website…

Gives your church
Creating a website is an essential step to legitimize your church in the eyes of visitors. With a properly designed and maintained website, potential members can trust that your church is well-established and professional.
Allows For
Personalized Email
To ensure the utmost professionalism, emails originating from the church should use a business domain, such as [name@church.com]. Using AOL, or Hotmail may be convenient, however it conveys a lack of professionalism.
Organizes events and social development
Church websites are a useful resource for members and visitors alike. They provide a convenient way to stay informed about upcoming events. In addition, it may include sermons, devotional readings, and other resources.
Brings people
to your church
With more and more people relying on the web, it's essential that businesses make themselves available online. If someone is searching for an AME church in their vicinity, they'll likely turn to Google first.
Fellowship is still possible even when people aren't able to get together in person. Church websites provide an avenue for members and the public at large to connect and communicate.
Showcases your community Involvement
Use your church’s website to increase influence, promote initiatives, and cultivate involvement in all facets of the church by current and prospective congregants alike. Utilize the site to inspire people to get involved.
Saves money
on advertising
When it comes to church marketing, getting the highest return on your investment is essential. A church website is an ideal choice that offers maximum visibility at a more reasonable cost than other methods of advertising.
Increases your
church’s income
The Internet has enabled people to gain access to a range of financial services. Churches can take advantage of this technology by providing their congregants with the ability to give online.

Why AME?

“We strive to make a lasting, positive impact on the people we care about, especially those who have been a constant source of support for so many.”

Why AME?
The AME church has always been a pillar of support for the community, and we would like to ensure that this legacy continues.
As the world increasingly moves online, it’s more important than ever for churches to have a strong online presence. Unfortunately, many AME churches’ websites are not designed to be responsive, meaning they lack legibility on mobile devices. A 2022 online research says, “61% of all searches come from people searching on their phones", so having a responsive site is crucial.
We believe that we can help our churches by creating unique websites that are beautiful, functional and responsive. By doing so, we can increase the awareness of our AME churches and help them reach a wider audience.
Together we’ve got An Extraordinary Journey and An Incredible History.


Words from a few of our AME leaders.

“With the changing and challenging dynamics confronting the church today in marketing, managing, and re-imagining ministry, God has inspired Edward Bentley with a compelling and transformative vision for creating and designing websites for churches.

For well over twenty six years the eBentley Studio expertise, professionalism, and commitment to provide not just a “good,” but “excellent” product in graphic design has been a great inspiration for me while serving as a pastor and bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

I believe eBentley Studio, as good as any and better than most, makes the case that investment, strategic strategies, and visionary leadership provides a blue print in helping churches make an innovative impact for future growth and development for their people and the kingdom of God.”

Bishop Gregory G.M. Ingram

118th Bishop A.M.E. Church (retired)

“My husband and I (Bishop Gregory G.M. Ingram) employed the services of Edward Bentley for more than 20 years. He was our graphic artist while we served a local AME Church as well as 3 episcopal districts. Edward always produced quality work. There wasn’t any graphic material that we needed that he did not produce in a manner that was very professional. From worship programs, to campaign materials, to souvenir journals, to annual conference program booklets, to producing the Bicentennial Journal for the 200 Anniversary of the AME church, he did it all in a excellent manner. Edward Bentley knows how to take a concept and make it a visible reality.”

Rev. Dr. Jessica Kendall Ingram



“Edward Bentley is a man of faith who brings artistic skills to his work. I have found that his collaborative style always reflects a blend of his client’s requests with his years of expertise and excellence in church publications.”

Mother Beverly Thomas


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